About Me

It seems like I've been singing my whole life. Started writing songs about 20 years ago.
Been playing guitar for 20-some years as well.
I play a variety of different genres of music, including Pop, Rock, Alternative, R&B, and a little Country.



Some of the people that influenced my music.

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My Favorites

DamienRice PearlJam Tool BobMarley StevieWonder Babyface Chicago PuddleOfMudd DariusRucker DaftPunk Guy AlGreen BarryWhite TracyChapman TheNightcrawlers StoneTemplePilots
...to name a few

Epiphone AJ-220SCE

This is the guitar you will hear me mostly playing at one of my live shows, or on most recordings.

My Guitar

My current guitar of choice.

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My Mixing Board

USB Capable board that mixes all the sounds.

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My Microphone

Love the way it sounds.

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Downloads & Live

Download clips from shows, stuff I'm working on, and other studio recordings.

Listen to my live gigs, even from your phone.

Watchface design. A fun little hobby of mine.

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